Construction Site Thefts Ongoing-Be Aware!

NPBA has been notified by the Sheriff’s department that construction site thefts on are on the rise. In the last 30 days over 5 incidents have been reported. Tools appear to be the target rather than materials. Tools stored in trailers apparently do not deter the thefts as trailers have been towed off only to be found later stripped of contents.

Contractors and subs are urged to remove tools from job sites nightly if at all possible. If leaving a trailer with tools, make sure it is locked and secure so the trailer cannot be removed from the site.

Officer Lightfoot suggests that if tool trailers cannot leave the site, to put ½” of sand by the doors. Because of the wet and muddy conditions, it has been hard for police to secure hard evidence that would aid in making arrests. The sand would hold foot prints or tire marks. This may sound like a low tech approach to capturing the thieves, however, officers are working to solve these crimes. They are using any method they can think of to get these people caught, now.

Talk with neighbors in the area to monitor the site for unusual activities after work hours and/or on weekends. Urge them to contact the Sheriff’s department via 911 if they see or hear suspicious activity at the construction site.

Officer Grant Lightfoot is eager to stop this recent string of thefts immediately. For tips on how you can protect your job site or to report thefts call him at 360.912.0163. Or email him at